In the center of Voronezh – on Kirov Street – appeared new multifunctional complex “Romanovsky” with an area of over 25 thousand square meters. The most important objects of Voronezh – local government (city and regional administration and the City Council), cultural and entertainment (opera and ballet theater, circus), business and shopping centers (SEC “Gallery Chizhov” and “Sunny Paradise”, Sberbank, and so on. d.) are situated nearby. The railway station is just 3 km away, the airport – 20 km.

The unique architecture of a multifunctional complex is developed by English architectural firm Seifert Architects – one of the most famous architectural firms, implemented more over than 100 major projects worldwide.

That a multifunctional complex includes? There are Business Center Class B +, Hotel Mercure, steakhouse Torro Grill, Chaichana “Granat”


romanovskiy-parkNext to the hotel showed up the park – a large green area with a fountain, benches and the playground for children. Notably that the new object is not only fits perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the complex, but also carries an important functional role. Thus, under park there is the parking for 350 cars. During the summer the park can be a great place for organizing the wedding registration, after which you can enjoy a holiday with friends and family in one of two restaurants of the complex.


romanovskiy-parkЗакрытый паркинг с удобной локацией, расположенный рядом с многофункциональным комплексом «Романовский» на ул. Кирова, готов принять 350 автомобилей. Предоставляется бесплатно 1 машиноместо на подземной стоянке из расчета 100 кв.м., арендуемой площади. С 1 сентября стоимость машино-места – 50 рублей в час. Паркинг «Романовский» работает круглосуточно. Цена дневного абонемента, действующего с 7 до 21 часов – 4000 рублей в месяц, стоимость ночного абонемента (с 20.00 до 8 часов утра) - 3500 рублей в месяц, а круглосуточный – обойдётся в 6000 рублей в месяц.